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Helping you keep your carpets and upholstery looking cleaner and newer longer.
First and foremost a vacuum cleaner is carpets best friend. Vacuuming regularly will prevent soil and grit from being ground into the fibers. Grit in particular will cut the fibers causing premature wear. It will also improve the overall appearance by keeping the fibers from flattening.

It is important to attend to spills promptly as they can lead to permanent dis-colouration, which may be impossible to remove later. If the spill contains bleach, well, that’s a goner. It removes the colour and you can’t put it back. Therefore test any off the shelf product in an inconspicuous area before using. While vinegar has its place, avoid using it as a first defense as it can set a stain. Some over the counter products may as well. We recommend you try other things instead.
For oil based stains, as usual blot up as much as possible then spray lightly with a solvent, such as WD40. Be careful not to use enough to penetrate to the under pad, blot , blot and blot. Repeat if necessary. When most of the oil, grease and stain are gone, sponge with a mild detergent solution. To remove any soap residue give it a final sponge with a vinegar solution, and blot as dry as possible.
For ink stains, follow the steps above. You can also try hair spray in place of WD40. 

For blood, vomit, urine and odour after blotting up as much as possible,  spray on a liberal amount of Nature’s Miracle, available at pet stores, and let it sit about 10 minutes. Sponge with cold water until stain is gone, and blot dry. 

Spilled paint; Scoop up as much as possible, then sponge with warm, not hot, water until the paint is gone. If you have a steam cleaner use it to extract all the paint. This may not be possible and then it is time to call a professional. Above all else, do not let the paint dry until it is all removed. Cover with a wet cloth and plastic until it can be removed.

Candle wax and Gum; fill a plastic bag with ice and place over wax and gum to freeze it, Pick and scrape up as much as possible. Blot with WD40 or a solvent to remove any residue.  Sponge with a mild detergent solution, follow with a mild vinegar solution. Blot as dry as possible.
Do not rub or scrub a carpet because this will distort and fray the fibers which will always look different.

Always blot, blot and blot some more. Patience is required here.

Knowing what kind of stain you are dealing with is important. Cleaning up coffee stains is different than cleaning up ink, which is different than cleaning up grease, which is different than cleaning up gum.

For any stain first blot up as much as possible, and if it a solid
substance scrape up as much as you can.

For water based stains such as coffee, tea, wine, juice, try club soda next. Don’t pour it on but put it in a spray bottle and spray it on. Allow this to sit for a while and then blot, blot and blot. Repeat if needed. If the stain remains you can also follow this by pouring a generous amount of salt. Cover with a clean cloth and weight it down. Allow this to remain overnight and the salt may absorb it. Then vacuum thoroughly.
Always prevent any solution from penetrating to the under pad.

Even with your best efforts, eventually your carpet will require a professional cleaning. While home steam cleaners will do a fairly adequate job, they do not have the power to thoroughly extract soil and water. Over time the carpet will look dingy or even smell, due to mildew, if over wet and not dried well enough.

We have tried to be as thorough as possible here, but we are not responsible for your results.
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